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Verdicts & Settlements


  • $13 Million Settlement
    A minor child who suffered a traumatic brain injury when struck by a tree branch. The case involved a multi-disciplinary approach of pediatric specialists with special training in brain injury. The outcome provides for a lifetime of care and benefits for the minor to promote his education, development, and safety.
  • $3.4 Million for below knee amputation
  • $12.0 Million-Confidential Settlement — Auto-Train Collision
    Motorist who suffered severe brain injury in a collision.
  • $2.6 Million Settlement-Auto
    Couple injured in head on collision.
  • $1.5 Million Settlement — AUTO (Dram Shop)
    Conductor who suffered serious injuries and wife killed after being hit by a drunk driver. Obtained maximum recovery from driver, owner of car and bar where driver was drinking just before the collision.
  • $4 Million Settlement — FELA
    Locomotive engineer who sustained carbon monoxide poisoning due to significant exposure in a tunnel.
  • $2.7 Million Settlement — FELA
    Trainman who suffered multiple orthopedic fractures due to improper close clearance at an industry site.
  • $2 Million Settlement — FELA
    Trainman sustained low back injury and chronic pain due to Safety Appliance Act violation.
  • $1.5 Million Settlement — FELA
    Maintenance of Way Laborer/Welder suffered cumulative trauma and an injured back.
  • $1.25 Million Settlement — FELA
    Machinist slipped on water in shop and injured back.
  • $879,000 Settlement — FELA
    Locomotive engineer who suffered low back injury due to close clearance violation.
  • $800,000 Settlement — FELA
    Trainman who sustained chronic pain injury due to poor walking conditions.


  • $1.25 Million Elliott vs. BNSF
  • $3.4 Million Verdict — FELA
    Railroad trainman who sustained orthopedic injury and psychological damage resulting from collision between runaway tank car and locomotive.
  • $2.8 Million Verdict — FELA
    Locomotive engineer who was severely injured after his train was negligently diverted onto a side track, colliding with standing cars.
  • $1.015 Million Kellogg vs. Ralph’s Concrete Pumping, Inc
    King County, Washington jury verdict in favor of construction worker injured when overhead concrete pump failed and dumped liquid concrete on his head, neck, and back.
  • $1.83 Million Verdict — FELA
    Engineer who suffered serious low back & groin injuries that left him in severe & chronic pain after a faulty hand brake suddenly released.
  • $1.425 Million Verdict — FELA
    Locomotive engineer who sustained upper extremity injury when struck from behind by a fellow employee operating his own vehicle.
  • $1 Million Verdict — FELA
    Trainman sustained a neck injury when his train encountered a boulder on track.
  • $900,000 Verdict — FELA
    Track machine operator who suffered significant shoulder and neck injuries following a collision in a protected, out-of-service area.
  • $872,000 Jury Verdict — FELA
    Conductor who sustained orthopedic injuries when his train encountered a large boulder on track, causing locomotive to derail.
  • $830,000 Verdict — FELA
    Conductor injured back from sitting in wobbly seat in locomotive.
  • $775,000 Verdict — FELA
    Signalman injured back lifting pothead.
  • $400,000 Verdict — FELA
    Truck driver injured shoulder on boom truck.