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Steele Verdict – Jury awards Seattle woman $6.9 million for injuries suffered in 2017 Amtrak Cascades crash


Verdicts & Settlements

$4 Million

Below knee amputation - FELA

Couple injured in head-on collision.

$2.7 Million

Settlement — FELA

Trainman who suffered multiple orthopedic fractures due to improper close clearance at an industry site.

$12 Million

Auto-Train Collision - Confidential Settlement

Motorist who suffered severe brain injury in a collision.

$6.875 Million

Steele Verdict - Auto-Train Collision

Jury awards Seattle woman $6.9 million for injuries suffered in 2017 Amtrak Cascades crash Learn more

$2 Million

Settlement — FELA

Trainman sustained low back injury and chronic pain due to Safety Appliance Act violation.

$1.5 Million

Settlement — FELA

Maintenance of Way Laborer/Welder suffered cumulative trauma and an injured back.

$1.25 Million

Settlement - FELA

Machinist slipped on water in shop and injured back.


Settlement — FELA

Locomotive engineer who suffered low back injury due to close clearance violation.


Settlement — FELA

Trainman who sustained chronic pain injury due to poor walking conditions.

$3.4 Million

Verdict — FELA

Railroad trainman who sustained orthopedic injury and psychological damage resulting from collision between runaway tank car and locomotive.

$2.8 Million

Verdict — FELA

Locomotive engineer who was severely injured after his train was negligently diverted onto a side track, colliding with standing cars.

$1.83 Million

Verdict — FELA

Engineer who suffered serious low back & groin injuries that left him in severe & chronic pain after a faulty hand brake suddenly released.

$1.425 Million

Verdict — FELA

Locomotive engineer who sustained upper extremity injury when struck from behind by a fellow employee operating his own vehicle.

$1 Million

Verdict — FELA

Trainman sustained a neck injury when his train encountered a boulder on track.


Verdict — FELA

Track machine operator who suffered significant shoulder and neck injuries following a collision in a protected, out-of-service area.


Jury Verdict — FELA

Conductor who sustained orthopedic injuries when his train encountered a large boulder on track, causing locomotive to derail.


Verdict — FELA

Conductor injured back from sitting in wobbly seat in locomotive.


Verdict — FELA

Signalman injured back lifting pothead.


McGuire v. BNSF Railway Co.

Pierce County, Washington jury verdict in favor of 59-year-old locomotive engineer injured in a railyard collision during low-speed switching maneuvers. Non-surgical injuries to neck and back. Last pre-trial offer from defendant railway was $100,000.


Verdict — FELA

Truck driver injured shoulder on boom truck.

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