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What happened

On December 18th, 2017, Amtrak Train 501 derailed onto the Interstate 5 overpass near Dupont, Washington. This mass casualty incident has received national media coverage and is being extensively investigated by the NTSB along with other State and Federal Agencies. In addition to the numerous injuries suffered by train passengers, officials have reported that the Washington Amtrak derailment has resulted in at least 3 deaths.

Who we are

Rossi Vucinovich is a Seattle based law firm that has been protecting the rights of individuals and their families involved in railroad accidents for more than 50 years. We aren’t a nation-wide law firm parachuting in or making a fleeting appearance. We have deep roots in Washington State and remain committed to the people we live and work with on a daily basis because we have seen, firsthand, the devastating impact that these types of accidents can have on individuals, their families, as well as our community at large. At Rossi Vucinovich we recognize that the effects of such a tragic event can persist long after the news crews have left and the national spotlight fades, which is why we are dedicated to doing everything in our power to helping our clients rebuild their lives and recover from their losses.

Our local, experienced, and passionate legal team has successfully litigated hundreds, if not thousands, of cases involving railroads ranging from derailments, auto-train collisions, injured rail workers, and whistleblowers. Ultimately, our team possesses unparalleled knowledge of the rail industry, its standards, and responsibility to provide safe travel to the public.

What we have been saying

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Seattle PI: Derailed train was first of new route, added service

THV11: No ‘positive control’ in DuPont crash could be factor in litigations

How we can help

Sometimes forgotten during all the speculation about why this accident occurred or who is responsible, is the fact that there are individuals, families, and communities, whose entire lives have been suddenly and dramatically changed as a result of this tragic event. Not only are they suffering from the physical injuries sustained during this violent accident, but they must also deal with the psychological and emotional trauma which often accompanies such catastrophic accidents. Faced with the daily obstacles, physical pain, difficult memories, and other challenges that result from accidents like this, many don’t know where to turn or how to move forward. At Rossi Vucinovich, we want to be on your team and help you navigate the unfamiliar and oftentimes challenging hurdles that lay ahead in order to help you and your family get your lives back on track. Although it’s exceedingly difficult to think about the prospect of litigation when confronted with unexpected injuries or death, it’s imperative that the victims and their families seek experienced legal counsel as soon as possible in order to protect their rights and ensure they have the opportunity to pursue any and all legal remedies available.

If you or a loved one was involved in this tragic accident, please contact our office for a free case evaluation.

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