The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) added rail worker safety to its Top-10 list of “Most Wanted Safety Improvements.” The NTSB states that the reason for the move is the rising number of injuries and deaths of people working on or around railroad tracks. Rossi Vucinovich PC applauds the NTSB decision, and we will work earnestly to monitor how well the agency accomplishes its safety goals.

The NTSB Decision

NTSB member Jennifer Homendy led the way in adding rail worker safety to the agency’s Top-10 list. According to a NTSB press release, “Train crews, maintenance-of-way employees, and mechanical workers, are getting killed or injured in preventable accidents involving train or equipment movement. Many of these workers were conducting routine maintenance or switching operations when they were struck. Although rail worker fatalities have declined overall in recent years, we continue to see some recurring safety issues in our accident investigations, highlighting the need for better worker protections.”

The NTSB’s Top-10 list highlights transportation safety improvements needed now to prevent accidents, reduce injuries, and save lives. The agency uses the list to help target its advocacy efforts and communications with lawmakers. The list also helps generate public awareness for important safety hazards.

Rossi Vucinovich PC stands 100 percent behind the NTSB decision. We acknowledge the real concern for rail worker safety and hope the move by the NTSB results in positive and effective changes for American railroads and those that work upon them. Our firm will continue to track this story and monitor the progress that the NTSB hopefully makes in protecting rail worker safety.

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