Congress recently passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, also referred to as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The legislation represents the nation’s largest infrastructure bill, ever. The most exciting news for Rossi Vucinovich is that the bill includes groundbreaking rail safety policy provisions.

A Victory for Railway Safety

As long supporters of railway safety, we are excited to announce that the new Act requires the following:

  • A National Academies study on the safety of trains longer than 7,500 feet,
  • Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) accident reports to include information on train length and the number of cars as well as the size of the crew on board,
  • Increasing transparency for regulatory waiver requests, including requested suspensions of rules,
  • The Department of Transportation (DOT) to create a process to better involve stakeholders, including rail labor representatives, in its investigations, and
  • A quarterly report on failures and functions of positive train control technology, which includes rail labor cutouts, malfunctions, and enforcements where an accident was actually prevented.

Infrastructure Funding Wins as Well

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act provides $1.2 Trillion in infrastructure funding over the next five years. Transportation infrastructure comes out as big winners, with the legislation nearly doubling Amtrak’s annual appropriations and providing the largest federal investment in public transportation, including:

  • $6B for Northeast Corridor Grants,
  • $16B for the National Network,
  • $36B for Fed-State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail,
  • $5B for CRISI,
  • $3B for Railroad Crossing Elimination Program, and
  • $50M for Restoration and Enhancement

The new bill passed the Senate on a vote of 69-30 and passed the House on a vote of 228-206.

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