Almost 4,000 railway workers suffered non-fatal injuries while on the job in 2022. The unfortunate reality is that railroad employees are injured all the time while on the clock. If you or a loved one experienced a work-related injury, please take the following steps to help ensure you protect your rights and health.

Take Immediate Action

Railway workers must take several immediate steps following a work-related injury. These steps include:

  • Seek medical attention,
  • Contact your union representative (if applicable),
  • Call your Designated Legal Counsel (DLC), and
  • Complete a report of the incident (when you can safely do so),

As to seeking medical attention, you should do so even if you do not believe you suffered a serious injury. Many medical conditions following a work accident are not apparent until days or weeks after the incident. Be sure you protect your health and well-being.

Further, do not allow your employer or a railroad official/supervisor to accompany you inside the treatment room or speak directly to your treatment provider. Details about your health and care are between you and your provider.

Contact Your DLC

We stated above that you should contact your Designated Legal Counsel soon after your railway injury. Your DLC is your ally in ensuring your legal rights are upheld. You have many legal rights the railroad will attempt to ignore or diminish. Calling your DLC will ensure you have experts on your side.

Note as well that your DLC will explain to you your rights under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA), including how to receive compensation for your work injuries.

Be Cautious

Understand that the railroad will immediately begin gathering evidence to use against you. Be aware that the railroad will also quickly mobilize its Claims Department or similar agents to begin gathering (or destroying) evidence related to your incident.

Deactivate Your Social Media Accounts

Once you file a FELA claim, the attorneys representing the railroad will likely search your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts. Their aim is to find happy moments or photos to suggest that you are lying or exaggerating your work-related injuries.  They will then use this evidence to discount or invalidate your claim.

In order to ensure full and fair compensation for injuries, we recommend that you deactivate, but never delete, your social media accounts after an injury or while a claim is pending.

Contact Rossi Vucinovich for Help

 If you sustained a railroad injury, please contact our law firm for help. Rossi Vucinovich PC has been helping railroad employees and people injured in railroad accidents recover from railroad injuries for over 50 years. We are dedicated to helping you obtain the benefits you need to treat your injuries, pay your bills, and continue supporting your families. Do yourself a favor and contact us today to get the legal help you deserve.