Bob Voshall has served as a Rossi Vucinovich field representative for over two decades. Bob also serves as a member of the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes Division – International Brotherhood of Teamsters (BMWED-IBT), particularly Local Lodge 325. Bob was recently recognized by the union for his tremendous efforts and contributions. This recognition is a prime example of what our firm is all about in carrying out our mission to serve and inform our union clientele in our role as their Designated Legal Counsel (DLC).

Words of Praise

Roy Morrison, the BMWED-IBT’s Director of Safety, had these words to say about Mr. Voshall:

“Your efforts have played a significant role in making our membership experience exceptional. You consistently go above and beyond to ensure that our members are supported, informed, and engaged. Your passion for our mission is evident in the positive impact you’ve had on our community, and I want to thank you for your outstanding contributions.

Your tireless work behind the scenes, whether it’s attending events, addressing member concerns, or implementing innovative educational programs, has been instrumental in our organization’s success. Your friendly demeanor and willingness to assist our members make you an invaluable asset to BMWED Designated Counsel.

I also want to acknowledge your ability to adapt and find creative solutions, especially during challenging times. Your dedication to our members during times of uncertainty  has been a source of comfort and reassurance.

On behalf of all our members, I want to extend our deepest appreciation for your ongoing support. Your continued dedication to our organization not only enhances the member experience but also ensures that we continue to thrive and grow.”

We are extremely proud of Bob and sincerely thank him for everything he does, for both Rossi Vucinovich and the BMWED-IBT. Congratulations on the accolades and the words of praise!

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